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Broadley Garage

Quality car retailer of Nazeing

Welcome to Broadley Garage

My name is Neil (I'm the older one in the picture on the right); I'm in my late 30's and consider myself to be a big kid, it's just my toy box has got bigger and more expensive. I have been selling cars for 18 (plus) years for various Manufacturers & Main Dealer Groups (Nissan, VW, BMW, Peugeot, and Car Supermarkets). Some 10 years ago I decided that I would "have a go" at it myself as I thought I knew it all and that it was easy. Oh, how I was wrong!

Well over the years I have learnt from my successes (and mistakes) to give you Broadley Garage. I am in every way a car enthusiast. I eat, sleep and drink cars, in every form. But I now only sell cars that I would want to drive myself treating my current stock of cars as if they were my own. In fact, they are my own.

I aim to offer a service that is unlike what you have experienced before and hope you can already see that by the fact you are viewing my website. You will note I don't use terms like "mint, as new etc". I believe they are overused in the trade and find them misleading. Your idea of mint and mine might be two very different things.

Again, I hate and refuse to use the term "Full-Service History" ... again it's an overused term and does not contain enough detail. I prefer facts and figures. So, I state in all of my adverts the total number of services any car has. This way you are in no doubt as to the level of service history etc I have with all my vehicles.

Recognising that you may have to travel a considerable distance to view any of my stock I attempt to make your decision easier by displaying between 70 and 80 various High-Quality pictures of each vehicle. In this way hopefully, you will not have a wasted journey and find upon arrival that the vehicle is exactly what you wanted and as you viewed on our website. We do NOT do "postproduction" work to our pictures. They are the RAW files straight off of our Canon EOS 1100D DSLR camera and who has time to "edit" 80+ pictures... So, the pictures of the vehicle you are viewing on this website are exactly what you will find on your arrival.

In today's market with the power of the internet, it is key to price the cars correctly. So, to this end, we try to price all our vehicles in line with the Autotrader "Good, Great, Fair & Low" price indicators.

This may not always be possible as we try to bring you the very best of what's for sale in the marketplace. All of our vehicles are presented fully prepared as per the pictures on the website. The internet has also enabled us to sell a number of vehicles to overseas customers.

I have a Financial Conduct Authority Licence which enables me to offer HP terms in order for you to make your purchase by this means if you so wish. I do not have loyalty to any one particular Financial House and use a number of Brokers in order to find you the best and most competitive deal that will suit your personal needs.

All of our vehicles* are always given a fresh MOT and Service before you drive them away. For "peace of mind" any "Advisory Notices" that are identified are dealt with, so you have, we hope, a year's trouble-free motoring. All vehicles* are HPI "Clear". Additionally, all vehicles* are supplied with a comprehensive warranty and we offer you the opportunity to extend the period/value of cover at the time of purchase.

I am prepared to consider taking anything in part exchange.

*Apart from where stated in the individual vehicle description